T220S Lite

Ready to go, start anytime

As an entry-level desktop FDM/FFF printer of the BestGee product series, T220S Lite is a reliable and versatile consumer 3D printer that the average customer can generally afford. Provides a flexible way for creators to create and explore the possibilities and pleasures of 3D printing.

Printing worry-free

All you need to do is set up the object you want to print in the software platform and put the materials. Whether it takes hours or days to print, you can trust the printer to do the rest work for you.

Fast and easy

Assembly can be completed in 5 minutes, and the new product is 95% pre-assembled when it is out of the box. Print speeds up to 150mm/sec and nozzle travel speeds up to 200mm/sec, Every detail saves the creator’s troubles and worries.

Printing is as easy as post-

The temperature of the nozzle can reach 260 , the temperature of the heating bed can reach 100 , and the rapid heating in printing and the smooth stripping after printing are so simple.

TronHoo FDM 3D printer T220S Lite
Product performance overview

3.5” Color Touch Screen

3.5-inch full-color high definition touch screen with a simple and intuitive interface with multifunction, friendly, and easy to operate.

Power Outage Recovery

Power off protection and call one button seamless connection to continue in the process of printing, it can also deal with the unexpected situation of power failure. The one-button continuous typing function can make the material smoothly connect, and will not leave smooth traces on the finished product of the printed product.

Accurate and Stable Extrusion

The newly upgraded material extrusion nozzle and precise position leveling ensure a better printing effect and fineness of finished products.

Quick Heating Bed

Quick heating to a printable temperature in 2 minutes. Print is easy to stick on the heated bed and less warping.

Easy Leveling

Auxiliary leveling by 5 points automatic positioning. Big thumb nuts for precise leveling and comfortable operation.

High precision configuration, high precision printing effect

Nozzle Diameter with 0.4mm, layer thickness with 0.1-0.4 mm, and printing precision with X/Y axe: 0.05 mm and Z axe 0.1 mm to provide the printed product with a smooth surface and fine details.

Compatible materials: PLA, PETG, ABS, TPU and other linear filaments

The consistent quality guarantee

All the products developed by TronHoo and finally appear in the market as a complete product. They have been tested, inspected, used, upgraded and debugged countless times in the research and development stage in TronHoo professional laboratory, and every standard of all subsequent mass production will be consistent with the highest standard, it will not be somewhat lower, and may only raise the bar.

TronHoo FDM/FFF3D printer series comparison

Our product has made out of a very subdivided distinction between customer needs and scenario applications, to provide customers with very refined demand configuration. If you have other product or service requirements, or our professional selection advice, please contact our technical team.