TronHoo 3D printing filament TPU series products, with flexible scalability and elastic properties. Using the anti-aging formula, with waterproof, moisture permeable, cold resistance, UV resistant, and other excellent properties. It is perfect for printing durable objects.

High Purity

No Snapping

Tight Tolerance

100% Bubble Free

No Edge Warping

Good Tenacity

No Nozzle Jams

Good Printing Effect

Soft and Elastic

High resilience, the print is soft and elastic. Suitable for printing soft models such as insole.

Durable Wear Resistance

TPU has excellent wear resistance, over five times than that of natural rubber. It is one of the preferred

High Transparency

The print has a beautiful texture with good surface luster and strong light transmission.

High Precision of Diameter

Tolerance of filament diameter is controlled within ± 0.02mm. Stable and even extrusion for high printing accuracy and quality.

Various colors and simulation effect colors TPU

Meet the multicolor creation needs

The excellent performance of the 3D printing

the material helps the printed object gain a better effect

Material Specifications

* Different color filaments may differ in the details. Please refer to the label on the spool.