Thermochromic PLA

When color has more ideas

TronHoo Thermochromic PLA food grade environmental protection non-toxic 3D printing materials filament are developed to meet more different colors of high fidelity printing requirements, with better fluidity and toughness than ordinary PLA materials, the diameter tolerance of only 0.02 mm can print the needs of highly detailed projects, and the colors presented are flowing splendid, providing a new way of high-quality creative options for creators.


No Snapping

Tight Tolerance

100% Bubble Free

No Edge Warping

Good Tenacity

No Nozzle Jams

Good Printing Effect

Dark green<36C<Yellow

Color changes according to the different temperatures, and the color transition is natural and without rigidity.


The color of the printed product presented has a multi-color smoothness and a bright visual sense that ordinary PLA does not have.

High Purity Raw Materials

Use excellent purity raw materials without mixing wasted material to ensure smooth and stable filament output.

Tenacity Upgrade

Compared with ordinary PLA filament, Thermochromic PLA has higher impact resistance, and the printed product has a stronger texture.

The case shows that color is our own color modulation. we can also make special modulation for you if you have different color requirements.

The excellent performance of the 3D printing

the material helps the printed object gain a better effect

Material Specifications

* Different color filaments may differ in the details. Please refer to the label on the spool.