KinGee KG406 Pro

Take your creativity to a higher place

The newly developed TronHoo professional desktop resin PolyJet 3D printer, the KG406 Pro of the TronHoo3D KinGee series. if there is a 3D printer that the price is lower than similar products but its performance and functional configuration are better than other similar products, then the TronHoo3D KinGee series the KG406 Pro is such a cost-effective printer. It is easy to install and has a smooth elegant appearance. The 2K Mono LCD screen and the COB+Fresnel lens light source, which is lower than the LED light source, greatly satisfy the high precision of printing details requirements.

High-Resolution Patterns, Refined, simple, and efficient.

Resolution: 2K (2560×1620)
Printing precision: 47 μm 
Printing speed: 20-60mm/h
Layer thickness: 0.025mm/0.05mm/0.075mm/0.1mm
COB+Fresnel lens light source
In some very demanding product accuracy requirements such as health care, jewelry design, industrial parts design, art, and so on desktop application and upgrade r&d professionals in the field of 2 k LCD KG406 Pro 3 d printers, configuration, and with high precision, combined with its simple, the operation of the digital model, to provide more detailed for the artists, Faster and cheaper to print works.

Product performance overview
TronHoo PolyJet 3D printer KinGee KG406 Pro

6-inch 4K Mono LCD screen

With a long service life of up to 2,000 hours, high precision printing and service time combined.

COB+Fresnel lens light source

The COB+ Fresnel lens light source with fine light distribution, the smallest Angle, and the highest accuracy, which is more delicate than traditional LED light sources, printing surface is more refined.

Dual linear slide rails

High accurate stable balance slide rail improves the stability of the Z axis, Provides more stable support for continuous printing, and reduces layering.

Resin Vat. self-cleaning function

No need for tedious cleaning after the completion of printing, open the automatic cleaning function to avoid hands contaminated with liquid consumables, free hands, and save time.

Dual linear slide rails

High accurate stable balance slide rail improves the stability of the Z axis, Provides more stable support for continuous printing, and reduces layering

Build Volume: 143.43 x 89.6 x 150 mm

The suitable space size and creation are not limited.

All-in-one minimalist design

More smooth, elegant, and stylish TronHoo’s unique design of the new look, and new product appearance patent certification is obtained.

WiFi connection

Wireless connection is more convenient, remote control printing operation, digital, personalized, safe, and convenient, greatly improving the freedom of printing.

Specialized material adaption supply

The 3D resin material that matches our machines comes from the R&D team and professional laboratory of TronHoo New Materials Research Institute. With top quality and the strictest safety standards, we hold the core technology of 3D printing devices and materials in our hands. The adaptation of equipment and materials, research and development, and testing are closely combined to ensure that the printing materials are as reliable as our machines.

Specialized material adaption supply


Component model

The consistent quality guarantee

All the products developed by TronHoo were tested, inspected, upgraded and debugged countless times in the research and development stage in our professional laboratory, and every standard of all subsequent mass production will be consistent with the highest standard, it will not be somewhat lower, and may only raise the bar.

TronHoo KinGee series resin 3D printers comparison

Our product has made out of a very subdivided distinction between customer needs and scenario applications, to provide customers with a very refined demand configuration. Please contact our professional technical team if you have other product or service requirements or our professional selection advice.