TronHoo 3D printing filament material PETG

Environment-friendly, non-toxic, and with no odor. High transparency, and good luster. Good weather resistance. Easy to print. Higher temperature resistance than PLA.

High Transparency

No Snapping

Tight Tolerance

100% Bubble Free

No Edge Warping

Good Tenacity

No Nozzle Jams

Good Printing Effect

High Transparency

The print has beautiful texture with good surface luster and strong light transmission.

Easy to Print and Higher Strength

PETG has higher toughness and high impact strength comparing to PLA. It combines the good mechanical properties of ABS and the good printing performance of PLA which is easy to print without warping.

Good Weather Resistance

Good weather resistance and chemical resistance, which are resistant to a variety of chemicals and common cleaning agents.

High Purity

The raw material is of high purity. ROHS compliant. No impurity or recycled materials. Enable stable and smooth extrusion without nozzle jams.

Various colors and simulation effect colors PETG

Meet the multicolor creation needs

The excellent performance of the 3D printing

the material helps the printed object gain a better effect

Material Specifications

* Different color filaments may differ in the details. Please refer to the label on the spool.