Bigger idea, Bigger possibility

TronHoo LC600's super-large 600x600mm cutting and engraving area, coupled with 10W high-quality spot compression fixed-focus laser, large work engraving, and cutting space, and a large number of applicable materials, make your creative work unfettered, and their are many possibilities for you accomplish.

New Eye Protection Design

600x600mm Engraving/Cutting Area

Unique Laser Height
Adjustment Structure

3 times faster print

Intelligent Security Protection

Upgraded High Quality
Fixed-focus Laser

Broad material compatibility

Broad system compatibility

TronHoo Laser engraving machines LaserCube LC400 Pro
Product performance overview

New eye protection design

The laser head is equipped with a protective enclosure to protect from eye damage, no need to wear special glasses.

More powerful, but still easy to install

Semi-DIY structure design, smaller packaging volume, and simple installation. It only takes about 15 minutes to complete the installation and put it into use.

600x600mm cutting and engraving area

Unique laser height adjustment structure

We fully consider every detail in the process of designing and developing products to ensure that the production process and results of the works are in line with expectations. The unique height adjustment design device makes the positioning more accurate, without repeated debugging and the operation is more convenient.

10W high-quality spot compression fixed-focus laser with 0.01mm laser accuracy

Unmatched reliability and powerful features, with the finest sculpted cutting configuration, the cutting laser lines have smooth edges, and the engraving details are perfect and precise.

Widest suitable material range

Cutting material compatible

Cardboard, non-woven, thin sheet, acrylic, certain thin plastic sheet, Kraft paper, wooden board, Felt, Bamboo, Leather, Cork.

Engraving materials compatible

Paper, cardboard, Plastic, PCB board, alumina, non-reflective plating surface, lacquer, white surface, non-woven, thin sheet, acrylic, certain thin plastic sheet, Kraft paper, wooden board, Felt, Bamboo, Leather, Cork, Cobblestone, Non-reflective stainless, Ceramic tile.

TronHoo Laser Engraving machines LaserCube series comparison

We have made a very subdivided distinction between customer needs and scenario applications, to provide customers with a very refined demand configuration. If you have other needs or need our professional selection advice, please contact our technical team