Thousands of ideas to instant realization

The TronHoo LC100 is a portable intelligent laser engraving machine developed specifically for consumer-level makers, hobbyists, and home users. Compact and convenient, any of your household laser engraving ideas can be realized at any time.

Small size, big skill

Without complex assembly and tedious operation processes, you can set and customize pictures or patterns you want to achieve rapid carving of finished products through the APP. Mini foldable size, high precision engraving, compact, flexible, and reliable all in one.

New Eye Protection Design

400x400mm Engraving/Cutting Area

Unique Laser Height
Adjustment Structure

3 times faster print

Intelligent Security Protection

Upgraded High Quality
Fixed-focus Laser

Various Engraving Materials

Easy Assembly

TronHoo Laser engraving machines LaserCube LC100
Product performance overview

Higher precision, better detail

LaserCube LC100 adopts a 405nm high-frequency laser, which has higher laser precision and higher printing efficiency and also has a longer service life than ordinary lasers. The details of the engraved finished product are also finer, no need to worry about the finished product being unsatisfactory and re-engraving many times to waste raw materials.

Automatic shutdown safety settings

We put product safety in a top important position. The LaserCube LC100’s unique safety setting system has very high sensitivity. It will automatically stop immediately if the machine feels even a slight vibration in the working state, which is highly reliable and safe.

Free height and direction adjustment

The flexible height and engraving direction can be freely adjusted. The engraving head and the product bracket can be pulled up and down by 80 degrees, and the front and rear directions can be adjusted forward and backward by 90 degrees, which greatly improves the engraving space and is suitable for more different engraving objects to meet your different engraving demands.

Customized APP LaserCube

LaserCube is an APP specially customized for LC100. Its performance and usage are more suitable for creators. All functions are set up in accordance with the most convenient and simple operation. Support Bluetooth connection, and easy print settings.

Various materials compatible

Wood, paper, bamboo, plastic, cloth, fruit, felt and other carving materials are compatible with engraving.

LC100 Product Specification