LC400 Pro

More powerful with 5W compressed sport laser.

LC400 Pro is a medium high-end model in LaserCube LC400 series. The overall architecture continues the simple and easy-to-use mode of LC400 and LC400s. Its safety performance and reliability are also continues. On this basis, we have upgraded the laser source to a 5W spot compressed laser, with finer laser and engraving accuracy, a wider range of applicable cutting and engraving materials, and higher precision and more perfect details of the finished product of cutting and engraving.

New Eye Protection Design

400x400mm Engraving/Cutting Area

Unique Laser Height
Adjustment Structure

3 times faster print

Intelligent Security Protection

Upgraded High Quality
Fixed-focus Laser

Various Engraving Materials

Easy Assembly

TronHoo Laser engraving machines LaserCube LC400 Pro
Product performance overview

Upgraded high-quality prime focus laser
5W spot compression laser light source +
0.01mm laser accuracy

Double high precision performance combination, engraving and cutting precision is very fine, no matter how complex delicate details can also be perfectly presented.

Unique Laser Height adjustment structure

Five of TronHoo Laser engraving models the LC series are all adopted unique laser height adjustment structures, convenient for height adjustment, and are easier to use.

Unique Eye Protection Shield Protective

As a laser engraving product, even though we have fully considered the safety protection factor in the design of the product structure, we still design a unique eye protection device, That can safely protect users’ eyes from irritation even when operating without wearing special goggles.

Intelligent Security Protection

High-precision distance sensor, fast positioning, one-key leveling.

A variety of material applications are compatible with cutting
and carving for unlimited creation.

Cutting materials compatible

Cardboard, non-woven, thin sheet, acrylic material, certain thin plastic sheet, etc.

Engraving materials compatible

Paper, cardboard, Plastic, PCB board, aluminum oxide, non-reflective plating surface, lacquer, white surface, etc.

TronHoo Laser Engraving machines LaserCube series comparison

We have made a very subdivided distinction between customer needs and scenario applications, to provide customers with a very refined demand configuration. If you have other needs or need our professional selection advice, please contact our technical team