Born for UV 3D print

TronHoo offers a wide range of 3D print support materials, and the TronHoo resin material is ideal for presentation models, concept prototypes, design models, and detailed designs. Our support materials range from breakaway support for manual removal to soluble support for hands-free removal. An excellent printing material can not only meet the fine quality and delicate texture required by the finished product to be printed but also meet the requirements of cleaning time, labor cost, and ease of use. Choose the most matching resin material from your 3D printing items, saving you time and cost.

RoHS complied

Low viscosity

High fluidity

Safe sealed packaging

High forming accuracy & wider application range

TronHoo 3D resin printing material has more advantages in molding accuracy than ordinary resin materials. The surface of the printed product is more smooth and more delicate. Suitable for widely used in prototypes, medical treatment, digital electronics, mechanical equipment, biological models the application that require extremely high precision of objects.

High toughness & high heat resistance

For parts printed with TronHoo resin that need to be assembled, It has stronger toughness than ordinary resin. that will not easily break even under repeated disassembly.

Fast curing rate and a high degree of curing

The fast curing speed only takes 1s of each layer can also ensure that the curing effect is consistent with the expected setting, ensuring the overall printing efficiency and printed product effect.

Aafe & Non-toxic

We adhere to the top safety control of the source of raw materials and the production process. the printed items are non-toxic and can be used and contacted with no worries. but please remember to do the full ventilation protection work during the printing process.

Various colors and simulation effect colors resin

Meet the multicolor creation needs

The excellent performance of the 3D printing

the material helps the printed object gain a better effect

Material Specifications

* Different color filaments may differ in the details. Please refer to the label on the spool.