New future with TronHoo

New future with TronHoo

TronHoo’s exploration of 3D printing has been constantly trying and deepening. Our research and development of several new products and applications are in progress, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

The educational 3D printer machine

Algorithm of 3D printing technology research

Robotic arm 3D printer

The latest TronHoo JR100 3D printing educational machine developed for Steam education has done in-depth research and revisions many times in the early stage and debugged different versions according to the actual application feedback. It has reached the final testing stage and will be ready for massive production produce. To cultivate the imagination, dialectical thinking, and hands-on ability of school-age children and teenagers, and empowers the exploration and development of Steam education.

Whether a 3D printer can print an ideal object, in addition to the printer itself, whether the printing algorithm is accurate and advanced is also very important. Under the leadership of TronHoo 3D Technology Research Institute, the optimization and research project of new 3D printing algorithm research has been carried out. We pay attention to every detail in the complete 3D R&D and manufacturing chain, only for every user who uses the TronHoo 3D printer can really enjoy the convenience and fun brought by 3D printing.

TronHoo takes the lead in trying to combine intelligent robotic arms and 3D printing, which greatly improves the printing space and the flexibility of the printer’s movement. In addition, we also envisage and are trying more intelligent functions to be applied in In this new type of robotic arm 3D printer, its printing and application scenarios have been more explored and developed.

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