Manufacturing Center

Manufacturing Center

The quality you can count on

Our manufacturing centers exist based on quality. All the equipment configuration, management system, and production standards are constructed under the highest standards in the industry. With complete certification qualifications. we have ten fully automated production lines and two professional precision testing laboratories to meet the different production capacity requirements of customers. We put the highest standards on ourselves first, and then we are handier when meeting the different standards of customers in different industries and regions.

Quality is the only critical criterion we value as the source of development for our factory. In cooperation with customers, our overall goal includes providing customers with timely and high-quality full-process services, but in the production stage, we will not sacrifice quality to cope with shortening the production time, or cut corners at the expense of quality. We have always adhered to such standards in the hope that we can go further and broader in the future. This is also our solemn promise to every one of our customers.

Based on our different product lines and high-standard technical requirements, we have set up two manufacturing centers to meet the needs of our customers and markets. One is our intelligent manufacturing center in Jiangxi, and the other is our pilot plant in Dongguan.

TronHoo intelligent manufacturing center in Jiangxi

TronHoo Jiangxi Intelligent Manufacturing Center mainly focuses on batch intelligent manufacturing of 3D printers, laser engraving machines, and 3D printing materials. and the laboratories of TronHoo 3D New Materials Research Institute and 3D Technology Research Institute are there as well. The factory area is about 15,000 square meters, with 10 fully automated production lines with a production capacity of 350,000 units per year and a production capacity of 2,000 tons of 3D printing consumables per year.

TronHoo pilot plant in Dongguan

TronHoo Dongguan pilot plant is mainly responsible for product pilot tests and small batch production. The plant area is about 1,500 square meters and is responsible for the production task of 5,000 units per month. Since its establishment, it has been operating at full capacity for nearly three years and has continuously achieved shipments and quality double-excellent standards.

Quality Control

Pre-production check

Our R&D team adheres to the same standards as the production line on the manufacturing center and conducts quality tracking and control of the whole process for every order’s details. From the beginning of pre-production debugging, we carefully follow every production standard and are responsible for every detail and every follow-up, to make sure every process can be traced back to find the relevant person in charge.

IQC inspections

All product parts and raw materials before production will be subject to strict inspection and testing in the professional testing laboratory, only after passing the test can they be officially put onto the production line, to ensure that the quality of the final product is fully in line with our customer’s expectations.

Full inspection

The standard of the sample is the same as the standard of the bulk product. For example, some specific models of machines are able to check the usage time, so when consumers receive our products, they will often find that the product has been used already, only because we carry out a full inspection process to ensure that each machine is qualified before packaging.

Strictly comply with the certification standards production