TronHoo Global Partner Recruitment Program

TronHoo Global Partner Recruitment Program

TronHoo continues to deliver leading additive manufacturing solutions together with our partners.

TronHoo’s commitment to delivering value to clients is backed by working with best-in-class, qualified partners that help millions of professional users meet their diverse requirements of 3D printing applications across multifaced industries.

We are proud of our strong partner relationships and continually seek to develop and expand them. TronHoo Partner Program provides a professional and complete framework for partners to build and leverage 3D printing solutions for their clients – from project support, product solution, purchase, deployment, and after-sales service.

We are trusted by our global partners

Work with TronHoo to take your business to the next level

Strong technical background

A group of experts from the field of cutting-edge science and technology lead TronHoo’s R&D team and lead the research of 3D printing technology and material development in the subordinate laboratory. Provide the most powerful technical guarantee for TronHoo’s customers.

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Consistent quality

TronHoo’s two factories, three provincial research institutes, and two professional laboratories strictly control the whole process of the products from research and development, to testing, and mass production.

Continuous innovation&development

TronHoo always maintains in-depth exploration and communication with the industry, the market, and customers, making unremitting efforts to provide customers with more outstanding 3D printing solutions, products, and services for our customers and for our own continuous innovation and breakthroughs as well.

The trusted service

TronHoo provides more than 250,000 units and 1,500,000KG of 3D printing materials for the countries and regions around the world each year, and it is developing rapidly at a growth rate of more than 30-50% every year and continues to serve more customers and consumers with high-quality products.

What do we do for our partners?

Market & price protection

TronHoo’s partners are entitled to preferential access to special discount quotations. We have a systematic and professional market & price protection mechanism to ensure that the interests of our partners will be preferentially protected whether it is the market or the price of more segmented products. To make sure our partners fully trust and develop the market without worries.

Resource sharing

We will fully share our expertise, sophisticated solutions, technical resources, marketing resources, training resources, etc. with our partners according to the specific needs, for you can conduct business more efficiently and deeply.

Affiliate marketing support

TronHoo provides all kinds of affiliate marketing support including but not limited to rewards and rebates, special discounted or free products, promotion fees, paid advertising and traffic, customer referrals, after-sales service, etc. Work closely with our partners to promote the market and products to achieve a win-win situation.

Professional guarantee

No matter what kind of cooperation mode our partners are in, you will get our timely professional products & services support. Our professional R&D team, two intelligent manufacturing plants with advanced technology and equipment, and other expert teams ensure that your business process can receive a full range of professional support.

Notes: The notices, Sales Partner Program above for TronHoo which might be subject to local adaption in accordance with local laws and policies shall only serve as referencing guidelines and shall not constitute any commitment of TronHoo. For further information, please feel free to contact with our support team at

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