TronHoo Culture

TronHoo Culture

TronHoo culture definition

Every part of TronHoo’s culture is practiced from the daily work of our team, and transformed into our standardized expression, leading us to move forward in a clear and firm direction, so as to achieve the highest pursuit of every member of TronHoo.

Our Vision

Bring 3D technology into your life

We aim to make 3D printing technology not only stay in the industry far away from people’s actual life but to make 3D printing technology practically serve our daily life and make our life easier and more accessible because of 3D printing technology.

Our Mission

Customer-first, technology forestall, teamwork.

Our Culture

Focusing on technology, serving customers, seeking truth, and being pragmatic.

Our Operation Principle

Top technology, quality-oriented, intimate service.

Make it possible

We believe that people’s creativity and imagination are infinite, and our world has infinite wonderfulness waiting for us to explore and extend, implement actions for the different ideas, and keep trying, new opportunities and possibilities are in it.

TronHoo is committed to providing a powerful tool for these possibilities. And we continue to strive to embed our corporate vision more profoundly into our work to create more possible bridges to empower more innovators and practitioners.