Make it possible with TronHoo

Make it possible with TronHoo

We hope that we send out a positive signal to the world that no matter what profession people are in, what gender and age differences they are, every fantastic imagination and every beautiful idea deserves to be expected and encouraged. Applaud for your different thoughts, break through limitations, to make more possibilities.

Professional and Dedication

In 2017, TronHoo was established in Shenzhen. Our founder, Dr. Hui combined his previous R&D results in hardware and software in robots, aircraft, and automation to 3D printing technology achieved multiple integration and innovation, and later on, continued to join the senior professionals such as Ph. D.s, masters, and so on from various aspects of materials, mechanics, 3D technology, software and optics to become our current TronHoo leadership team to lead TronHoo to continue on a new stage.

After the establishment of the company, our R&D team spent two years conscientiously researching products and shipped the first batch of bulk products in 2019. Up to now, we still maintain the courage and determination with the most earnest attitude to do a good job of every product that satisfies our customers and ourselves, which has become the temperament and consistent work style of our team. Our corporate culture of “focusing on technology, serving customers, seeking truth, and being pragmatic” is also refined in this practice process.

We believe that 3D technology has unlimited potential to bring more positive changes and new possibilities to the world. TronHoo takes it as our own mission and drives our continuous innovation and breakthrough in the development of the whole industry chain in the fields of additive manufacturing 3D printing equipment, 3D printing consumables, 3D printing technology solutions, 3D printing education and training, and 3D printing services. make 3D printing technology into ordinary family life, that people’s lives can benefit from 3D printing technology.




Patent authorization

Provincial level key laboratory

Manufacturing center

TronHoo headquarters and the two manufacturing centers.
In-depth research covers the whole industry chain.


Jiangxi TronHoo SunRay manufacturer

TronHoo iManufacturing (Dongguan)

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TronHoo 3D Technology Research Institute
(Provincial level key laboratory)

3D Technology Research Institute

The 3D Technology Research Institute is led by Liu Rongting, the head of the 3D technology R&D and management center of TronHoo headquarters, which mainly focuses on the research of rapid additive manufacturing 3D printing technology, batch printing, multi-color printing, and mixed-color printing 3D printing technology. To explore more 3D printing advantage technologies.

3D New Materials Research Institute

As the dean of the research institute, Dr. Wang, a member of the leadership team at TronHoo headquarters, leads the research and application of various new 3D printing materials in his research institute to meet the practical application needs of more industries and customers.

3D Software Technology Research Institute

The 3D Software Research Institute mainly focuses on in-depth R&D and optimization in various aspects such as printer motion control, 3D image processing, 3D modeling, 3D printing slices, Steam education, robot graphics programming, 3D printer APP control, cloud printing, and 3D industry 4.0 systems.

In-depth Research and Collaboration

We maintain a long-term and in-depth industry-university-research cooperation relationship with several universities, including Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen Research Institute of Tsinghua University, etc., to help us to obtain more cutting-edge cooperation and application transformation in the research and development of 3D technology.

Inheritance and breakthrough

The government’s high-level professional title talents from our leadership team and high-tech skills awarded and funded by the government led TronHoo to make professional innovations in 3D technology and new technologies in related fields. Since TronHoo’s establishment, an average of more than dozens of technologies and products have obtained international and domestic patent authorization every year.