TronHoo’s Exploration of 3D Printing Technology

It has been five years since TronHoo3D was founded by CEO Dr. Shou in Shenzhen. As the company is booming and expanding in the field of 3D printing(also named additive manufacturing), and provides the homeland and worldwide market with competitive desktop 3D printing solutions. Let us go back then with Dr. Shou and discuss how had visioned the industry that was witnessing fast development and How TronHoo chose the very subdivided track that targeted the end users who would like to explore the revolutionized technology and make creative creations in daily life and work.

Around the years 2013- 2014, 3D printing saw rapid momentum in the homeland. Due to the faster process of prototyping, lower cost, and better printing effect when come to printing detailed parts or highly complicated projects that subtractive manufacturing could not satisfy, 3D printing technology has been widely used in aerospace, mechanical engineering, transportation, medical, construction, fashion, arts, education and more. Instead of metal additive manufacturing, Dr. Shou established TronHoo in Shenzhen with a group of high-tech talents and selected polymer additive manufacturing as the start of the 3D printing journey.

“There were differences for application environment of 3D printing in the North Group and the South Group. The North Group refer to companies located in the upper north part of our country and they mostly focus on metal additive manufacturing as there were many clients from traditional industrial manufacturing, aerospace, and mechanical engineering. ” Said Dr. Shou, “At the Great Bay economic zone, companies that specialized in 3D printing as the South Group are more focused on polymer additive manufacturing. With profound advantages in terms of natural resources, high tech talents, and geography, the South Group are more adapted to industries such as medical, decoration, arts, toys, and manufacturing.” 

“TronHoo aims to expand the applications of 3D printing technology in people’s daily life and work since the establishment.” Said, Dr. Shou. Powered by a group of talents in mechanical engineering, material science, electronic and information engineering, and intelligent controlling, TronHoo started with desktop FDM 3D printers, offering creators from manufacturing, design, education, arts and crafts, household goods, and toys an affordable, easy to set up and use 3D printers with solid performance. With over 6 years of experience in the 3D printing industry and a group of the R&D team that dives deep down into the innovation and applications of 3D printing technology with dozens of patents authorized, TronHoo is now gradually expanding its product portfolio to resin LCD 3D printers, 3D printing filaments, and laser engraving machines, etc… and have obtained more innovative achievements.

“TronHoo is now inspiring people’s daily creations with 3D printing technology and making a difference,” said Dr. Shou. “It is on the way to bringing 3D printing into people’s daily life.”

Date:2022-9-6 Author:admin