TronHoo FDM 3D printer T series product elaborate R&D layout

With professional and profound research and development background, TronHoo now has a very mature and diversified 3D printer product line.TronHoo provides the 3D printing industry with affordable printer and printing filament solutions with good quality. Its products have been widely used in product R&D, mold manufacturing, tooling, medical science, construction, arts and crafts, decorations, accessories, etc. And we are continuously distributed rich resources in product innovation and facilitate product portfolio upgrades.

As TronHoo’s one of the signature product lines, the FDM/FFF 3D printer product line showcases TronHoo’s R&D vitality and deep digging into customers’ demands. For this product line, TronHoo has adopted a comprehensive solution for development and worldwide distribution. This product line currently shelves 5 models, namely T220S Lite, T220S, T220S Pro, and T300S Pro. These five models vary in product configurations, build volume, and level of printing accuracy and effect. Its performance and features are finely customized for different requirements of customers. 

TronHoo T220S Lite provides a 220*220*250 build volume with accurate and stable filament extrusion, its fast heat-up bed, filament run-out detection, and metal frame modular structure, plus a 3.5’’ color touch screen offer a great user experience.

The T220 S is a consumer-level 3D printer with great printing performance and accuracy. Characterized with easy setting up, fast heat-up print bed, metal frame for reliable operation, accurate and stable filament extrusion, large build volume, filament run-out detection, and hassle-free resume from a power outage. 

The T220S Pro is a desktop printer with brilliant printing performance for consumers. It’s a metal-frame modular structure 3D printer that requires easy setting up. It excels with a fast heat-up printing bed, auto leveling, accurate and stable filament extrusion, large build volume, filament run-out detection, and hassle-free resume from power outages. The 3.5-inch color touch screen provides the creator with a convenient experience of simple operation.

Based on the T220s Lite, and gradually adding different features to meet the needs of different creative scenarios and applications, from the consumer level to the professional level, TronHoo’s entire T series 3D printing machines include T220s Lite, T220s, T220s Pro, T300s Pro, and T400. Develop products with the attitude of professional and fine service to customer needs, and bring elaborate product use and creation experience to our consumers.

Date:2022-9-6 Author:admin