TronHoo Offers Full Range PLA Filament Solutions with Environmentally Friendly Characteristics for 3D Printing

TronHoo 3D Technology, as an innovative brand focused on the 3D printing industry, we do not only provide end users with affordable desktop FDM 3D printers, Resin LCD 3D printers, and Laser Engraving Machines, but it also offers a full range of PLA filaments (Polylactic Acid, made from green renewable sources such as starch, corn or sugar cane) options with environmentally friendly characteristics for 3D printing. Its PLA filaments have been widely used in industries such as R&D, household products, arts and crafts, designing, tooling, and any industries that require fast prototyping.

PLA filament is the most widely used 3D printing material in FDM/FFF 3D printers at present due to its low cost, biodegradability, and no oil fumes during printing. According to the specific requirements of different applications, the PLA 3D printing consumable silk products developed and tested by Dr. Wang, the director of the New Materials Research Institute of TronHoo, are diverse in variety and combination, including standard PLA, PLA silk, PLA metal, PLA rainbow, PLA luminous, PLA wood, PLA marble, and PLA carbon fiber, etc.

Apart from the general PLA filament advantages such as tight tolerance, outstanding printing effect, various colors to select from, easy post-processing and biodegradable, high purity and tenacity, no bubble, no snapping, no edge warping, good mobility, each kind of product at this portfolio has respective features. The standard PLA has a full range of colors, with 23 kinds of colors available for endless creation. The PLA silk-like has a better smooth and elegant texture and is a good fit for printing objects that require an exquisite and delicate appearance. The PLA mental-like will display a mental texture for printing and is suitable for printing prototypes of mechanical parts with a satisfying printing effect. Such as the PLA rainbow series products have a mixture of different colors and are great for printing daily accessories, decorations, toys, and household products. The PLA luminous has the capability of assorting energy in the light and glow in the dark, with a gorgeous luminous appearance, and is suitable for printing decorations and jewels. The PLA wood-like has the texture of wood, it’s nice and has no smell, no warping or curling, and is a good choice for artistic creation, toys, or daily items. The PLA carbon fiber excels in its high strength and high modulus that which offers maximum toughness and impact resistance. This makes it a perfect option for printing tools or mechanical parts or any objects that require rigidity and strength.

TronHoo constantly observes the trend of people’s technical and aesthetic requirements for 3D printing filaments and distributes rich research and developing resources for consistent PLA filaments innovation to meet the changing demands of end users. Its pursuit for innovation and practicability of 3D printing filaments ensures creators’ free exploration of 3D printing technology.

Date:2022-9-6 Author:admin