TronHoo Unveils Thermochromic 3D Printing PLA Filament officially launched

TronHoo, as an innovative brand of 3D printing technology, we are pleased to announce the company is going to unveil thermochromic PLA filament for 3D printing to diversify its PLA portfolio. This is a new type of 3D printing material that can change its material color according to temperature, providing creators with more choices of 3D printing materials to achieve more creative applications.

Thermochromic PLA is a PLA kind material that is mixed with leucodyes additive, an organic chemical that changes its modular structure when the temperature changes. In 3D printing applications, creators could use thermochromic PLA filaments to print items from temperature indicators for manufacturing scenarios, toys, decorations, tableware, and artworks for any project that would like to add a novelty appearance.

In addition to making 3D printed products more aesthetically pleasing in color and appearance, this Thermochromic PLA excels in good fluidity to ensure smooth and stable filament output and then eliminate the possibility of uneven extruded wire that might cause nozzle jams and unsatisfied print effects. This new material also shows excellent tenacity in that the 3D-printed items have higher impact resistance than those made from the general PLA filament. In addition, only 0.02mm diameter tolerance of the filament wire delivers ultimate precision for projects that require printing details. With multiple colors available, it is environmentally friendly, non-toxic food grade POLylactic acid that is available in a variety of colors, with shiny colors, no bubbles, and warping, that is able to print 3D printed products with very high fineness and aesthetics, which can be used in the printing field with higher requirements.

This thermochromic 3D printing material was developed under the leadership of Dr. Wang, the director of TronHoo’s New Materials Research Institute and a member of our leadership team. Dr. Wang’s team is continuing to develop and test more environmentally friendly and high-performance 3D printing materials. To bring more 3D printing materials quality choices and surprise breakthroughs to TronHoo’s customers.

Date:2022-9-6 Author:admin