TronHoo Resin LCD 3D Printer KinGee Series officially launched

After nearly one year of development and tests, we are now pleased to announce the professional desktop Resin LCD 3D printer TronHoo KinGee series, which adopts VAT Photopolymerization technology, for rapid prototyping and daily creation adoption at an affordable price is officially launched and is now available for direct delivery from our European warehouse.

The resin LCD (Liquid Crystal Display ) 3D printing, which uses UV light coming from an array of LEDs shining through an LCD that only reveals the pixels necessary to cure the resin, is a great solution for manufacturing highly detailed parts that require high accuracy and fast manufacturing process with excellent surface finishes in daily life and work. Applications such as arts and crafts, jewelry, engineering industries, tooling, education, design, household products, manufacturing, and medical and dental industries have benefited from resin LCD 3D printing.

“It’s a good way to offer users resin LCD 3D printers with affordable price by using UV as light source, as the light from the flat LED panel shines directly in parallel array onto the build area and an entire layer is flashed at once, it’s able to cure the resin faster while delivering satisfying accuracy and smooth surface”, Commented Dr. Wang, R&D director of this product line, “Comparing with DLP or SLA, Resin LCD 3D printer uses relative cheaper components and make itself an affordable 3D printing solution for creators to start the exploration of 3D printing.”  

In this KinGee Series, TronHoo introduces two resin LCD 3D printer models, KG406 and KG408 at the first stage. Both models are professional desktop resin 3D printers. They vary in LCD mask size and pixel, build volume, and product dimensions.

KG406, it uses 6 inches 2K mono LCD, which has a 4 times longer lifespan than RGB LCD. It emits the 4th Gen. parallel array with a smaller angle for better build accuracy. Available from 0.025mm to 0.1mm layer thickness, KG406 prints each layer as fast as 1 second, providing 3 times faster printing speed. Outstanding image process capability delivers 8 times anti-aliasing with less texture and smooth surface making TronHoo KG406 a great option for manufacturing detailed parts. Other user-friendly features such as touch screen operation, no leveling required, quiet motor drive system for effective denoising, and ready-to-use after unboxing make KG406 the best buy for creators. In addition to all features of KG406, KG408, as an upgrade version of KG406, adopts 8.9 inches 4K mono LCD for extraordinary printing details, and provides a larger build volume up to 192X120X250mm.

TronHoo is confident that the KinGee Series are optimal devices for professional creations and hobbyists who would like to have a go at resin LCD 3D printers. Many of our early test customers gave us positive feedback and cooperative actions about our LCD 3D printers. And we believe the subsequent bulk products will continue to provide TronHoo users with satisfactory print quality, speed, and size requirements.

Date:2022-9-6 Author:admin