FDM — Under Extrusion

What’s the issue?

Under-extrusion is that the printer is not supplying sufficient filament for the print. It may cause some defects like thin layers, unwanted gaps, or missing layers.

Possible causes

—Nozzle Jammed

—Nozzle Diameter Not Match

—Filament Diameter Not Match

—Incorrect Extrusion Setting

Troubleshooting tips

—Nozzle Jammed

If the nozzle is partly jammed, the filament will not be able to extrude well and cause under-extrusion.

Go to the nozzle jammed section for more details on troubleshooting.

—Nozzle Diameter Not Match

If the nozzle diameter is set to 0.4mm as commonly used, but the nozzle of the printer has been changed to a larger diameter, then it can cause under-extrusion.

Check the nozzle diameter

Check the nozzle diameter setting in the slicing software and the nozzle diameter on the printer, and make sure that they are the same.

—Filament Diameter Not Match

If the diameter of the filament is smaller than the setting in the slicing software, it will also cause under-extrusion.

Check the filament diameter

Check if the setting of filament diameter in the slicing software is the same as the one you are using. You can find the diameter from the package or the specification of the filament.

Measure the filament

The diameter of a filament is commonly 1.75mm, but the diameter of some cheap filaments may be less. Use a caliper to measure the diameters of the filament at several points in a distance, and use the average of the results as the diameter value in the slicing software. It is recommended to use high-precision filaments with standard diameters.

—Incorrect Extrusion Setting

If the extrusion multiplier such as flow rate and extrusion ratio in the slicing software is set too low, it will cause under-extrusion.

Increase the extrusion multiplier

Check the extrusion multiplier such as flow rate and extrusion ratio to see if the setting is too low, and the default is 100%. Gradually increase the value, such as 5% each time to see if it is getting better.

Date:2022-9-5 Author:admin