TronHoo laser engraving machines’ upgrade journey

Providing infinite possibility of engraving creativity, increased speed and efficiency, repeatable engraving accuracy and reduced cost, TronHoo, as an innovation leader of 3D printing technology, introduces a new product line, the Laser Engraving Machines, to its product portfolio. With various engraving material support and high-quality marks, the TronHoo new consumer series unleash the possibility and fun of laser engraving technology for designers, creators, teachers, or anyone who is interested in laser engraving and cutting technology.

In this new product line, TronHoo offers comprehensive engraving options with 4 models, namely LaserCube LC100, LaserCube LC400, LaserCube LC400S and LC400 Pro, to meet different creative requirements.

As the entry level model of this series, the LC100 is a portable, foldable and cost-effective engraver. It is equipped with Bluetooth Wireless connection for easy mobile App operation to set the engraving parameters. Its high-quality laser ensures satisfied engraving accuracy. In addtion, the LC100 also supports various engraving materials as wood, paper, plastic, cloth and leather, unleashing the user’s imagination and allow the source of creativity do the magic.

For the other three models, LC400, LC400S, LC400 Pro, all of them are easy setting-up desktop laser engraving machines with modular metal-frame design. Users without laser engraving experience are easy to get going.

At the beginning of the product development, TronHoo’s engineers shine these three models with rotary knob instead of fixing screws for easy laser focus adjustment. The upgraded high-quality laser of the three models exhibits great engraving accuracy with repeatability and reliability.

All three models support large area engraving, with a scale on X/Y axis for optimized engraving accuracy and productivity.

The LC400 three models vary in laser power that makes a difference in engraving material and level of accuracy for specific requirements of various users. The LC400 emits 1.5W 450nm laser and is able to engrave on material as paper, wood, acrylic, leather and aluminum oxide. The LC400S and LC400 Pro both emit 5W 450nm laser but the LC400 Pro emits laser with compressed spot with intense laser energy to ensure desirable accuracy with clean engraving edges. Both of the two models, comparing with the supported engraving material of LC400, are also capable of engraving on stainless steel with upgraded engraving performance and precision.

TronHoo new laser engraving products diversified consumer’s demand, that fully considered in the R&D and test process of different application scenarios and requirements, Our research and development team take every detail with great serious and thoughtful attitude, to brought the diversified capabilities of the laser engraving machine into full exert and embodied in the new TronHoo laser engraving machine series.

Date:2022-8-23 Author:admin